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When a candidate is selected for employment in the company or organization, he/she is given job offer document, for his selection in the company. This job letter is an official communicating document of the company, issued by the HR department, providing the details of remuneration, description of the job, benefits, leaves and other necessary company information.

The Employment Offer Letter can be defined as an official document, bearing terms of the company, which are tendered to the applicant for his acceptance of the job. If the candidate agrees to these terms, he may join the organization, to work for the specific selected work.

The job offering document is an effective way of communicating, the terms and condition of the company, together with the benefits, which the candidate may avail, working with the organization. The letter is also formal way of conveying, company terms in professional and courteous manner to the candidate, without entering into written Agreements.

These letters are written in a company Letter Head and, if printed company page is not available then, the name of the organization and address are written on the top or header portion of the plain letter page.

The other basic features of such letter include:
• Remuneration or Salary offered to the candidate,
• Leave and vacation details
• Job description and Nature of Duties
• Benefits
• At-Will Employment
• Insurance, if company has such provisions
• Working Hours
• Signature of HR personnel or employer

The candidate should also note that, receiving the offer letter and rushing to join the organization is not viable option for him. He must read the contents and should be satisfied with the condition, salary and benefits of the company, before offering his candidacy for the job. If he finds any terms, conditions, remuneration, benefit or working hours in the letter, not to his satisfaction, he can refuse to work in the company or courteously negotiate with the HR department or employer of the organization. Such negotiations are valid in the corporate culture and can be carried out professionally and humbly. The reason for the negotiation lies with the fact that, certain conditions of the company may be detrimental, to his work performance or future career opportunity.

You, as an employer can download such Employment Offer Letter template from Internet and draft your own letter for new joining in candidate

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